Sihlcity architecture

Sihlcity is a dense ensemble of old and new architecture – a skilful play on tradition and innovation, large and small-scale design, narrowness and expansiveness, heaviness and lightness.

Rich in zeitgeist

Four factory buildings were carefully restored: the former Ausrüsterei (sheeting and packaging centre), which today offers space for cultural events; then naturally also Sihlcity’s distinctive landmark – the 60-metre high chimney at Kalanderplatz, at the heart of Sihlcity; and finally the Kalandergebäude (‘calendar building’) and the former paper warehouse, both of which were built in the 1950s and have been effectively integrated into the new group of exposed concrete buildings on the northern side of the central square. Together with the chimney and the Ausrüsterei, they form a type of pedestal for the new construction volumes, the cantilever extensions of individual buildings even accentuating this pedestal effect. The facades have a layering theme with the effect enhanced by the horizontal concrete bands and glass and metal membranes.

Rich in contrast

The river basin underneath the motorway bridge is being upgraded with a stairway and the ‘Suitcase Installation’ project. An open passageway under the Sihltalbahn railway tracks forms the western entrance to Sihlcity and above it is a ‘suspended’ residential and office building on sculptural concrete supports. The breadth of the squares contrasts with the narrow alleyway between Uto Bridge and Kalanderplatz. The multi-storey shopping mall, with its impressive and imposing spatial layout and interesting lighting, is situated in the middle of Sihlcity. Elegant terrazzo flooring and parapets contrast with the colourful array of shops.

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