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Viennese meets austro-cosmopolite culinary culture

The Wilde Kaiser Beisl 2.0 Pop Up and the Sissi Bar & Lounge open their doors in Sihlcity and set further new culinary accents in the gastronomic scene with austro-cosmopolite dishes.

Certainly no "Schnitzel-Bude" is to be expected or even overheavy food. Oh no probably rather a surprisingly modern and more easily interpreted Austrian cook culture with a breath at Cosmopoliten notes. The liaison is to surprise again and again without falsifying or even displacing the Austrian head note. With the Wilden Kaiser Beisl 2.0 a well-known and yet somewhat forgotten taste culture comes to Zurich in a new guise and takes the guests into a relaxed and modern world of pleasure as well as into a country that stands for cordiality and hospitality. True to our motto, we are guests of friends.

The empire is now to find a new HeimArt in Sihlcity, respectively in the Wilder Kaiser Beisl 2.0. The well-known terrace will be upgraded in Viennese Schanigarten style and urban accents. Here, a cozy and contemporary lingering zone is created. In the interior also a lot happens. New orientation in the Viennese Beisl style. A lot of solid wood revives the Viennese Beisl life. This is combined with fresh tabletop accents and deliberately puts old traditions in a modern light. Here is a wine store to go as well as enjoyment and tasting room for young and old. Small celebrations can also be held here. The Wilde Kaiser Wine has a good 300 dynamic winemakers from Austria. An exquisite selection also these one will be able to enjoy in the whole house. Exclusively with the Jungen Wilden of the Austrian Winzerkultur equipped here a completely new poetry in the glass is told.

The art may not come too briefly in the house of the emperor also. Here one engaged nobody less than John Petschinger. He is currently the shooting star on the Austrian Pop Art sky. His purchasable works on aluminum and acrylic will give the house the glamor of modernity and offer guests a pop art treat for the eye.