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Our sausages make you smile. Because, in addition to first-class ingredients sourced from within the region, they contain know-how from over 80 years of craftsmanship – and a double dose of passion. Our partner Urs Keller, a third generation master butcher, stakes his name on it.

For Francis sausages we only use sustainably produced meat from farms we've inspected ourselves. Artificial additives are out of the question for us. We rely on what nature provides. And, of course, a bit of people power. After all, sausages are all about a deft touch and intuitive skill. At Francis, we strive for exceptional quality that’s unmistakably ours. And that's why every signature sausage has its secrets…

Our outrageously good sausages taste even better with the right accompaniment. So we’ve come up with a few exclusive sauces, toppings and stuffings. How about a homemade smoked paprika sauce to go with Francis No. 2, our spicy smoked sausage with chili? Or pickled white pepper, tomato salsa, fried onions, garlic and house sauce for the Stuffed Dog with a ‘Zürcherli’ roasted number?

BY THE WAY: For us, commitment to our customers always means respect for nature. That’s why animal welfare has top priority. We keep our transport routes short, and our packaging, forks and napkins are just as recyclable or compostable as take-away dishes. But now take a bite! Such good sausages shouldn't be kept waiting.