Opening hours

Dear Customers

Despite the reopening, the key priority remains the health of our visitors and all staff of Minicity. We aim to keep standards of hygiene as high as possible on a daily basis and are regularly disinfecting and cleaning all toys, beakers, furnishings and the toilets at Kinderparadies. Disinfectant is also provided at the entrance and our staff are wearing face masks at all times. Furthermore, the following measures have been adopted:
  • Neither birthday parties nor workshops are currently being offered.
  • Each child’s temperature is taken on their foreheads using contactless means on arrival.
  • Before they are allowed to play, children must wash their hands.
  • There are restrictions on numbers for all play areas that the children are required to comply with. 
  • Any child displaying signs of illness while playing must be collected immediately.
In order to safeguard a smooth procedure, we are dependent on your support. We kindly ask you to observe the following rules:
  • Please adhere to the restrictions on numbers in the entrance area. 
  • Please use contactless payment means whenever possible.
  • Please have your mobile phone at hand and ensure that you can be reached at all times during your visit to Sihlcity.
We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation and look forward to welcoming you.

Your Minicity Team


Regular operation
(for children from 3 to 8 years)
Mondays to Saturdays from 9 am to 7 pm
Admission no later than 6 pm
Latest pickup at 6.45 pm

Miniz toddler mornings
(for children from 2 years)
Mondays to Fridays from 9 am to 12 pm

Minicity is a program of supervised activities for children only, parents are not admitted.

If the maximum number of children allowed in the children's paradise is reached, we are not allowed to admit any more children for safety reasons. Thank you for your understanding.


If you leave more than one child with us, you will benefit from a 20 % discount for the other children. The prices are as followed:
1 hour: CHF 5.50
2 hours: CHF 9.00
3 hours: CHF 15.00
4 hours: CHF 24.00
1 hour: CHF 9.90
2 hours: CHF 16.20
3 hours: CHF 27.00
4 hours: CHF 43.20
1 hour: CHF 14.30
2 hours: CHF 23.40
3 hours: CHF 39.00
4 hours: CHF 62.40
1 hour: CHF 18.70
2 hours: CHF 30.60
3 hours: CHF 51.00
4 hours: CHF 81.60
1 hour: CHF 23.10
2 hours: CHF 37.80
3 hours: CHF 63.00
4 hours: CHF 100.80
These prices are charged for each full hour or part thereof. Every 11th visit is free. The Sihlcity gift card is accepted as a means of payment.

First time in Minicity?

For security reasons, each child must be registered on the first visit. Please bring a valid ID card with you. The initial registration may take some time, so please allow enough time.
Kalanderpl. 1, 8045 Zürich