Below you will find the general terms of use for the children's paradise Minicity in Sihlcity. It is a shortened version. The full terms of use are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Please note:

  • For safety reasons, you must identify yourself when dropping off and picking up the children. Therefore always bring a valid ID or passport with you.
  • In addition, each child must be registered at the first visit. Please bring a valid ID or health insurance card of the child for this purpose. If you are unable to present this, we will not be able to accept your child for security reasons. Initial registration may take some time, so please plan enough time.
  • Target group

  • Childcare costs & duration of stay

  • Registration

  • Regulations for use

  • Pick-up

  • Evacuation/Assembly point

  • Nappy changing & private area for feeding