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Take part in our contest and win back your purchase and, with some luck, a mountain bike!

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After the stores, our leisure facilities and some restaurant patios are now open for you again.

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The mall will be improved from January to October. Sihlcity will remain open during the entire renovation. Here you can see how beautiful Sihlcity will become.


The mall will be improved by fall 2021. But the construction walls are also visual highlights. Here you can see how they were designed by artists.


Compliance with the protective measures of the Swiss Confederation is our top priority - this also includes the obligation to wear a mask in shopping center. Here you can find out how you protect yourself and our employees.

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We updated our ticketing system so that you can park your car with us quickly and easily.


The Sihlcity Market welcomes you every Thursday at the Utoplatz. From 7.00am to 1.30pm, different vendors will be tempting visitors with fresh products from the region and other choice specialities.


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