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Mall level 3

Visit the medical centre on the 3rd floor of Sihlcity mall for access to the combined expertise of 22 experienced medical specialists and a certified physiotherapist – all under one roof. Working within a range of disciplines and pooling their expertise in a shared practice, our team of medical professionals provide care across right across the board, both in general practice and outpatient medicine.

We have specialists in internal medicine providing general and acute care, in addition to ear, nose and throat care, gynaecology, surgery, endocrinology, diabetes provision, cardiology and gastroenterology. We carry out ultrasound scans of the abdomen, heart, blood vessels and genitals, stomach and bowel endoscopy, pH tests for acid reflux disease, adjustments to insulin pump settings and echocardiograms. Our dermatologists can remove any areas of skin with unusual changes in the practice’s own operating theatre. Our oculist meanwhile offers care for patients with both acute and chronic conditions and ensures they receive the correct glasses or contact lens prescription.

Our state-of-the-art medical centre is equipped with highly advanced technology, integrating expertise from the various medical disciplines for absolutely optimum patient care. Our on-site medical team and practice staff work together towards a shared objective: to ensure the best possible acute and long-term care for our patients.