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QUALIPET – the pet shopping paradise

Furry fun and everything a small or oversized companion could need – at Qualipet in Sihlcity it's all about pure pet delights.

And there are a lot of pets to meet. Lively mice and fluffy bunnies, funny cockatiels and budgies, colourful ornamental fish and exotic reptiles, too – a chance for young Sihlcity visitors to enjoy a short ‘trip to the zoo’.

For our more independent four-legged friends, we offer more than 32 different dog and cat food brands, all providing great quality at affordable prices. We also take great care in selecting toys and accessories that will suit your pet's temperament. A large equestrian sports department completes the range, offering an extensive range of horse-riding and equestrian supplies and young, fashionable leisurewear.

QUALIPET – your partner in pet care